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How to monitor your home

Even in the safest of communities, home security is important. You don’t need a home that resembles a state prison with bars and high fences to have a home that is secure for you and your family. Security systems today can be adapted to suit your specific needs. You can select the type of security features you want and that you think you will need to make your home secure. Here are a few aspects of home security that you need to consider so your home is safe without feeling like a prison.

Burglar Bars and Alternative Options

Burglar bars are still one of the most effective security measures that you can add to your home. They prevent intruders from gaining easy access to your home and often serve as a deterrent to robberies. The problem with burglar bars though is that they are not very attractive. Thick metal bars across windows can spoil your external view and give your home a harsh appearance. One solution is to go for ornamental burglar bars. These can protect your home while blending into the general decor of the property. A second option is to have retractable security gates and bars fitted. When you are away from home, you can draw them closed. When home, you can slide them open, so you have a clear window view. You may also consider plate glass windows. This is an ideal solution for large sliding glass doors; however, open windows will still need some burglar proofing. Another solution is to have sensors fitted on your windows which can detect movement or if the window is opened more than a few inches.

Access Control for Your Home

Security gates provide an effective safety barrier; however, they can take some time to unlock which can leave you vulnerable for a period. If you need to first get out of your car to manually open your garage door, this can also leave you vulnerable. Rather than having to access your home from the front door, many people are choosing to have their common access area through the garage. A remote controlled garage door or security gate provides a safer option. Without getting out of your car, you can drive into your property and straight into your garage. Once inside, you can close the gate or garage door behind you before getting out of your car. This type of security setup is not only safer, but it is also more convenient. You do not need to have heavy gates or double locks because the doors or gates cannot be opened without the activating code or remote control device.

Remote Monitoring of Your Home

Most people are familiar with department stores that have camera IP surveillance system. These cameras provide security for the store in that they monitor movements of customers and employees. The camera footage is recorded onto video tapes which can then be replayed should any incident occur. A similar setup can be adapted for home use. The advantages of using cameras are that they are relatively small, can be easily hidden and provide you with 24-hour monitoring of your premises. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that they do not alter the physical appearance of your home in the same way burglar bars or security gates would. Your home can retain an open feel about it while still being a safe environment. You can install cameras in strategic places such as the driveway, entrance to your garage, front door or kitchen. If there are large street-facing windows, you can also install a camera there. Visit this page for more informations :

camera IP surveillance system can be linked up to motion sensors. This means that they only start recording when there is movement in the area. This saves on the recording time that is used. Security systems have become so advanced that you can even monitor your home when you are not there. You can create a link to your cell phone, laptop or desktop computer, and check on your home from wherever you are. If you know that your children get home from school at a certain time of the day, you can easily access the remote monitoring and make sure that all is well at home. If you are coming at home late at night, you can check the remote monitoring system before driving up to your garage or security gate.